About me

Well I’m 21 years old. The only white male for miles around these parts. Started drawing seriously around almost 3 years ago when I found MeisterC’s art and iScribble somehow. My art when I started. Currently live in Florida. I haven’t gone to art school and don’t plan to.

I primarily use iScribble and Nikos pchat for drawing, and sai for editing. Lately been using my phone to draw, in which I use a LG Optimus F6 with Sketchbookx Mobile and Adonit Classic stylus.

Favorite art: Akahiko Yoshida, J.C. Leyendecker and Ashley Wood. Also Meisterc, Yallo, Chisuukei and Cucoo.

Games: TF2, TES, PSO, GTA, Civ V.

Movies: Sunshine, Steak, Cloud Atlas, Vanilla Sky.

Music: SebastiAn, The Twelves, Suriusmo, Punks Jump, Pyramid.

DA: Dinqus, Steam: Greeel, Skype: Greeel, iScribble: Florgenstein 

Livestream: Dinqus